About C3

In today's Internet Publishing, more than ever Web 2.0 social networks and dating websites of one nature or another dominate!  Yet as these Web 2.0 sites proliferate, publishers are left with a widening array of choices about their own management, liability, and options for best practices in managing this explosion of random user posted content.

The Content Compliance Council (C3) has been formed by industry veterans to explore these issues, and work towards the development, and implementation of "best practices" in managing, policing, and auditing the dynamic random postings of social network and other personal profile website content.  Not only is our goal to explore and identify the issue, and to develop best practices, but also to create certification programs that will develop confidence.

We intend to develop certification programs on two levels:  1) for the website publishers themselves, to project confidence to their customers or subscribers, that they maintain best practices for the quality and safety of their content; and 2) for the suppliers of services to these publishers, so that publishers can feel comfortable that vendors of screening software perform as advertised, and that screening service providers adhere to stated performance and quality standards.

It is the goal of the Content Compliance Council to also aid the industry in moderating upcoming Federal and International Regulation, and provide a forum for the ongoing interaction between industry and regulators.

C3 was initially formed by a groups of industry professionals with backgrounds, and current experience in:  Internet Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Privacy & Security, Information Assurance, Content Screening & Auditing Services, Outsourcing Consulting, Market Research, Business Process Engineering and Workflow Design.

Membership is currently open, and there is no current membership fees.

Sponsorship is available to businesses and individuals who share the goals of C3, and perform related businesses or services.

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